Friday, June 19, 2009

Tav on Germain

Last night, as on most Thursdays, we went to the Tav on Germain, downtown St. Cloud with co-workers for happy hour. The Tav is a great place with great beer, at least for St. Cloud. They had Furious and Bender, Fat Tire, Schell's No. 6 Anniversary, Summit EPA, Guinness and a few others. The only non-craft they had on was Mich Golden Draft Light, but what are you gonna do, it's Minnesota.

I opted for the Furious and Bender, one of each. I've been on a bit of a hop role lately. I must say I prefer the Furious. A lot of people say the Bender is smoother, but if I'm going hoppy, I want biting, not smooth. A few people had Summer Shandy, to which I say boo, it's not a real beer. One guy had a liter of Furious after his litre of Shandy, so he's back to ok.

Now none of these people are too big into craft beers, but they're getting there, so it amused me when we started to talk about Bell's Hopslam DIPA. Apparently, someone brought it to an office party and everyone loved it, and got smashed. So they were split when we suggested one of the new taps the bar is getting be dedicated to Bell's, and Hopslam every spring. Oh well, one can only hope.

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